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Touch Infinity

TES, Touch Embedded Solutions Inc., is an ODM, global provider, of advanced touchscreen products, ranging from touch display modules to all-in-one multi-touch computer systems in industry and business fields. Offering a wide variety of touch technologies and panel sizes from 7 inches to 86 inches with capabilities of tailoring these solutions to fit unique customer applications. Product utilized in hospitality, medical, financial, retail point-of-sale, industrial and more than a dozen years of experience in the development and manufacturing has formed a foundation of experience and knowledge capable of fulfilling your demand. We focus on what we do best by delivering you the finest possible touch solution while still offering the attentive, local support, you desire. TES has branches throughout the world which include China, Taiwan, United States, Japan, and Germany.

End-users are expecting simplicity and commonality as the technology industries continue to develop new product and enhance the connectivity of devices that individuals use as their daily communication and work outlets. TES has invested large amounts of resources and manpower in research, development, and design, to enhance customization and product innovation capabilities of solutions compatible to the latest technology. Bringing our client requests to life, our solutions retain high-end, commercial strength, performance with similar technologies that their end-users experience on a daily basis.

Value-Added Service

Our Mission

TES manufactures and integrates innovative touch solutions enabling continued success, growth, and productivity of industry leaders all over the world.

The Spirit of TES : Creativity, Efficiency, Integrity, and Simplicity

Creativity, Efficiency, Integrity, Simplicity
Creativity, Efficiency, Integrity, SimplicityCreativity

New Creativity, Innovative Technology, Subversive Thinking Mode, Creating Great Products

Creativity, Efficiency, Integrity, SimplicityEfficiency

Speed, efficiency, and high-quality productivity, unbeatable and trustworthy team

Creativity, Efficiency, Integrity, SimplicityIntegrity

Real (honest integrity), honesty is the highest principle of doing things

Creativity, Efficiency, Integrity, SimplicitySimplicity

Simple, simple and simple, shaping the profiler's image

Core Values

TES offers complete customization from single components to fully embedded touch solutions that uniquely fit any desired application.
Our cutting-edge products with complete customization capabilities are built from our core values: Innovation, Design, Flexibility, and Quality. Core competencies of robust manufacturing capabilities and innovative R&D that produce high quality, durable, industrial strength touch computers.



Innovative R&D and continuous manufacturing improvements provide complete, yet individually unique, products for each and every customer need.



Advanced designs backed by countless research capabilities, from top professionals, inject optimal performance and the finest aesthetics into our products.



Our flexibility throughout the design, development, and manufacturing phases ensure our customers with one-stop-shop solutions, guaranteeing ultimate simplicity .



We work hand-in-hand with the customers to ensure that our product meets any quality requirements or certifications specified.